Sunday, 17 April 2016

Prime Ministers and Technology: Canada v Australia

New School v Old School?

Isn't it good when you hear about a senior politician who actually seems to be switched on to technology rather than just pretending to care?

Apparently Justin Trudeau, the young charismatic Canadian Prime Minister is one of those rare beasts ...

By contrast, here in Australia we've got Malcolm Turnbull, who rode a wave of  populism for a brief moment in time by promising to take Australia forward into the new age of technology, to create a new, more receptive government that would lead us forward into the 21st Century.

Of course, before he came to office he was the Coalition's go-to man for technology, but the warning signs were already there when he effectively emasculated the Labor Party's bold new NBN strategy that would have put us in the vanguard of internet communications.

In addition to his tech-savvy answer to that quantum computing question, Trudeau has just announced that the Canadian government will give $50 million spread over 5 years to a theoretical physics research institute.

Two years ago Turnbull dumped on then Prime Minister Abbott's antediluvian attitude towards climate change ....

Now he is presiding over a massive purge of climate research scientists who work at our wonderful CSIRO. this organisation has been serving Australians for a century now, and should be helping us deal with the number one threat to our country, and the planet in general. It's no wonder his popularity has plummeted in the last 6 months or so. He talks the talk when it comes to climate change but doesn't walk the walk.

Bring on the election ...