Saturday, 14 May 2016

Take Me To Tasmania!

Come on Down!

I admit it. I am unabashedly in love with Tasmania. Although I do leave the place regularly for long stints, this place is home now and I always come back.

Now Tourism Tasmania have produced a promotion video which they themselves call "a bit dorky". It's probably mostly aimed at the north island market, with lots of references that would be missed elsewhere around the planet, but those of you further afield should still find it entertaining.

Some of you who will be reading this now actually live here and know why this is such a fitting way to promote our quirky corner of paradise. Others have been here and have at least an inkling of where we are coming from. And some of you have never been UnderDownunder. Hopefully this video will at least put a smile on your faces (if it doesn't I suggest you go back to bed and get up in an hour or two); maybe it will translate into a visit. It would be nice to see you ...