Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Finishing On Top after an Interesting Year

Dianne and I have had a rather up and down year. The lowlight was definitely having to return home in early June after Di broke her back on  bike track in Ferrara, Italy.

After a long, slow and frustrating three months of being very careful with her back Di was able to get back in the saddle and slowly rebuild her fitness. Yesterday morning, the last day of the year, she decided she wanted to ride to the top of kunanyi/Mt Wellington. It's an "hors categorie" climb, and a lot longer than any other ascent nearby. I had been up to the summit a few times since we came home, but this would be the first time for Di since before we left for Europe. The good news is that she paced herself well and made it to the top without any dramas. It was a pretty good indication that she's pretty much over the terrible setback she had in Europe.

Di cruising at the Springs: over halfway there!

It was a beautiful day in southern Tasmania. We had a later start than usual, which meant that there was a lot of traffic on the road, both on the way up and on the descent. I had decided to take my video camera and see if I could get a bit of decent footage on the way back down, and recorded the journey as far as the Springs, where we pulled in for a late lunch. The amount of traffic made for a somewhat slower descent than usual but did lead to some fun manoeuvres and interesting footage ...

The best thing about getting this objective ticked is that it has restored Di's confidence that she can still get up the long hills and she is looking forward to our trip to the Victorian Alps at the end of January for some riding in the mountains with friends. Bring it on!