Thursday, 5 October 2017

Keeping Abreast of The News and Putting Things in Perspective

Australian readers of this little self-indulgence of mine will be, to a greater or lesser degree, interested in how things are going as far as the Postal Vote Lottery on Same-Sex Marriage is going - and my attitude towards it. I call it a "lottery" because it is an appalling situation to have such an important issue decided in this haphazard manner. There have been at least two large bunches of votes interfered with and not delivered, and who knows how many others? How long are people supposed to wait for the vote to arrive? And how do they prove that it hasn't? With the scare campaign and the untruths that the homophobes are trotting out, there is no doubt that some undecided voters will be persuaded that the sky will fall in should same-sex couples be allowed to wed.

We live in a country where one of our most respected-ever Supreme Court judges, Michael Kirby hid his sexuality for most of his public life for fear it would affect his career.

Michael Kirby

A newly-named County Court judge in Victoria has used the occasion of his appointment to briefly touch on his relationship with his partner, an illustrator of children's literature.

Paul Higham and Shane McGowan

Please read this excellent article by Tony Windsor in today's The Age newspaper and pass it on to anyone you can. I think it puts a perfect perspective on how same-sex partners are just as normal as any straight couple.