Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The Three Capes Track

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad ...

It's been big news in Tasmania - and across the world even - that a major new multi-day bushwalk, the much-hyped Three Capes Track in Tasmania's south is slated for a grand opening in December. 

What many folks don't realise is that the track will only be two-thirds finished when it does open. Even still, it should be a great experience, especially for visitors unfamiliar with the epic beauty of the Tasman Peninsula. They will get a nice little cruise around the shore on a Pennicott boat before being dropped at the otherwise inaccessible beginning of the route. After three nights of spectacular walking and sleeping in comfortable, purpose built huts - with no need to carry tents or cooking gear - they get a bus trip back to Port Arthur and a free tour of one of the world's most notorious convict area penal settlements.

Let's hope the Federal Government ponies up soon with the cash still needed to finish constructing the full track. In the meantime, I guess that two capes out of three ain't bad ...

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